Meals at Taxpayer / Ratepayer Expense

Below is what has discovered through recent OPRA requests of "business lunches" taken by Executives in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. All of these meals were at the expense of taxpayers and ratepayers. The Commissioners approve these meals and consider them to be a valuable aspect of keeping rates stable for Plainfielders. If PMUA provides us with copies of the vouchers, we will post for public inspection. If you wish to help make more of these expenses available to the public, please e-mail us at for Open Public Records information.


Meals - Part I

Meals - Part II

Meals - Part III

Meals - Part IV

Past 5 months (Meals_Watson_Feb10, Meals_Watson_Jan10, Meals_Watson_Jan10B, Meals_Smith_Jan10, Meals_Ervin_Dec09)


The attached documents were provided by the PMUA through OPRA requests to several residents. Some of us have seen firsthand some of the wasteful spending and mismanagement and have become increasingly frustrated. We are urging our elected officials to denounce this type of spending on our behalf. After all, residents pay through both quarterly bills and taxes for the PMUA to operate. Elections are now over and we eagerly await help from our elected officials.


Please consider the attached documents as mere glimpses of how the administrators live the high life with resident's hard earned money. It's incomprehensible how this type of behavior is permitted and not kept in check by those Commissioners who are appointed to oversee the PMUA. One only needs to request several months of bill payment listings to see how pervasive and excessive these "business lunches" are for the executives. In October 2009, combined business lunches accounted for over $1,000. Lawsuit or no lawsuit, Plainfielders will still have to bear the burden of the executives and commissioners while they live it up on (y)our dime.




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